I’ll be the first to admit that this doesn’t exactly fit our normal formula. But on the other hand, I have a tendency to post very similar bikes and this one definitely fits outside my normal comfort range. It feels part cafe bike and part street fighter, and by nature I associate street fighters with crashed bikes that the owner couldn’t afford to fix correctly.

This bike looks has a few mods that would fall into that category, but overall presents pretty well. And I’m a sucker for CB1100F’s anyway which makes this one easier for me to handle.

1983 Honda CB1100F Cafe Racer for sale on eBay

from the seller’s listing:

I’m selling my 1983 Honda CB1100F Cafe Racer/Fighter. This bike is in very good cosmetic condition for its age. I bought this bike in Ohio in early may of this year and spent the first month or so converting it to a cafe style bike to suite my taste. This bike gets compliments everywhere i take it and is a real head turner. It has some cosmetic flaws such as small paint chips and very slight scratches but very few, nicer than most. Lots of new parts, headlight and mount, handlebars, grips, bar end mirrors, leather seat, buell LED taillight with integrated sequential turn signals, LED front turn signals, and new tires. I am also including a shop manual, a bike cover, a size L HJC Blue carbon fiber helmet (cost $250, retails for $399, used for 3 months) which has a Parrot intercom installed ($85) so you can take phone calls hands free, listen to radio with integrated fm tunet or listen to music from your bluetooth device.

Before i bought this bike it sat for quite a while, wasn’t registered since 1994 so it still isnt in prime running condition. Is a little finicky on cold starts and idles high, carbs my need cleaned or synchronized. When i had it inspected the mechanic didnt believe it was an issue and said the bike was a gem. It also has a slight rattle in the clutch case when in neutral and the clutch lever released, goes away while riding or when in gear or if you hold in the clutch lever, may need clutch springs but not sure of the source or the problem. Please note that I’m being very picky and these small issues do not affect the way the bike rides or runs once the bike is warmed up. I just want to be as thorough as possible.

The odometer reads 10,XXX miles but the gauges have been replaced with ones from a ’75 cb650k, actual miles are unknown but are around 46,000. Odometer read 45,478 when i bought the bike in may and ive put no more than 500 miles on the bike since commuting back and forth to work.

It’s a no reserve auction and with less than two days to go, it’s at just $2500. That’s a pretty powerful bike and a very unique at that for that kind of money. Could be an interesting starting point for the right buyer.