An always popular platform, here’s a great looking and affordable CB750 Cafe Bike for sale. The inline 4 sounds really great and this conversion looks the business with it’s lowered stance, chopped tail, and exposed throats.

1972 Honda CB750 Cafe For Sale on eBay

quote from the seller’s listing:


I took it down to the frame, removed all of the unwanted parts, cut tail section off behind seat, removed rear foot pegs and mounting bars. Cleaned off all mounting brackets in center section, moved electronics to under seat. Smoothed and painted the frame. Stock oil tank was removed and polished aluminum oil tank was installed. Total oil capacity (tank and engine) is 2 ¼ quarts. Electric start is disconnected, kick-start only! Battery is relocated to mount under the seat. Charging system works good, new battery stays charged. Fuel tank is clean. It was smoothed and painted black and silver. New petcock. Removable seat is all hand made out of aluminum. The seat cover is made from very good quality vinyl that looks like black leather. I am 6’2 with long legs and fit just fine on the bike.


Lowered the front, installed clip-on bars, extended and lowered headlight. (Amber tint on lamp can be removed with lacquer thinner) Replaced fork seals and graters. Smoothed and polish dashboard, upper fork mount and lower forks. Replaced all brake hoses and had front rotor drilled and turned. Brakes are good! Tire and rim is good. All lights and switches work as they should. Blinkers and gauges removed.


Tire is new, wheel is good, brake pads are new, 4 way adjustable shocks, new chain, new tail light/brake light looks good and very visible.


76 Honda CB750K stock engine, new side cover gaskets, vintage Stuart Warner oil pressure is more for looks but does work, new plugs, oil filter, cleaned and synchronized carbs, starts good! Runs good! 4-1 header sounds good with baffle and great without baffle. I live in the Mountains and like it loud so I go without!


This is not a normal bike and not for normal people! Please don’t buy it unless you understand. The bike has no fenders so it gets dirty. You use hand signals as turning indicators. You cannot take your girlfriend for a ride, there is no backseat! This bike is NOT perfect in any way; it has scratches and chips from riding. No gadgets like Speedo, tech, flashers, AC, heat or fuzzy dice.

I love the seller’s honest and complete listing. I like it even more with the included video: